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RIMUG Open Forums
 "Mac Users Helping Mac Users"

Open Forum

Saturday, October 26th
November 6th

Davies Career & Technical School
Lincoln, Rhode Island

The Open Forum is a hands-on help meeting. If you have hard-ware or software problems, would like an installation done or programs tested, the Open Forum is the place to be! Please try to get there early if you need special help and an e-mail to Jeff, Juan or others can be a good idea if we need tools or software.

Also, we need members to help at the Open Forum. Open Forum dates are subject to check monthly. Be sure to check the Apple Source every month for future dates.

This agenda-less meeting is designed to provide hands-on help to those members who have problems with their Macintosh computer or an application or just want to exchange information with another Mac user.

If you have hardware or software probelms and/or questions, would like some advice, or just catch up on what's new, the RIMUG Open Forum is the place to be.

If you have a unusual hardware or software problem, you may want to contact a RIMUG Board Member so we are prepared to tackle it at the Open Forum.

Need RAM installed? Bring it to the Open Forum with your Mac and if you are a RIMUG member you can have it installed for free.

New User? Need Help? Come to the Open Forum.

Having hardware problems? Bring the equipment to the meeting and we will try to fix it or at least help arrange for its appropriate disposal.

Have something to sell? Bring it!

Get there early or contact a board member to arrange a specific time to come.

Want to help out???
Just show up and pitch in!
The RIMUG Open Forum
Watch for dates on www.rimug.org

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