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RIMUG Membership

Membership in RIMUG is open to all persons who own, use or are interested in Macintosh computers.

New members pay a total of $30 which includes annual dues of $20 and a one-time initiation fee of $10.
New members who are full-time students (under the age of 18), however, pay only $20.
Renewal of membership is only $20.
To receive a complimentary copy of RIMUG's monthly newsletter, AppleSource, please fill out the following form. Included in the newsletter is an application form to join RIMUG.

First Name


Last Name


Street Address






Zip Code


Home Phone


Work Phone


How did you learn about RIMUG ?


Level of Macintosh computer expertise


Which Macintosh do you own and use most often?


What Topic / Subject or demonstration would you like to see addressed at a RIMUG monthly meeting ?


What type of RIMUG class would you take ?


Are you interested in assisting RIMUG at meetings, providing reviews of software, writing articles for the newsletter, teaching a computer class or in any other way?


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